lake superior

  1. IamWedge

    Paul R. Tregurtha Great Lakes 1000 Footer Enters Duluth MN Port

    The Paul R. Tregurtha enters the Port of Duluth MN. The Tregurtha is also know as the “Queen of the Lakes.” It holds the title as the longest vessel on the Great Lakes at 1,013’ 06” (308.91m). Enjoy!
  2. IamWedge

    Cason J Callaway offloading limesotne in Duluth MN

    Heres a video of the Cason J Callaway as it offloads limestone.
  3. IamWedge

    The 1000 footer American Spirit Runs Aground In Duluth MN

    Yesterday was an interesting day. Over the past couple of days we have had some heavy rain fall. Strong currents are blamed for this ship running aground in Duluth MN. There is a link in the video for the cell phone that actually filmed it live. Yes, for a 100 footer that was a close call.
  4. IamWedge

    Great Lake Shipping 1000' American Century Enters Port.

    Hi All, This is the 1000 foot long American Century as it enters Duluth MN Port.
  5. IamWedge

    1004' Mesabi Miner Entering Duluth, MN Port

    Heres a little flight I did on a 1004' (306m) Mesabi Miner self discharging bulk carrier as It entered the Duluth, MN Port.
  6. IamWedge

    Erie Trader / Clyde S. VanEnkevort Entering Duluth MN Port

    Enjoy! Let me know if you like it..... I'll probably do more. Can't wait for Tall Ships this summer! Mind your ears on the horns. There is a graphic warning before it happens. I did lower the dB so its not overpowering. Shot with a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
  7. IamWedge

    Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth, MN

    Not often we get awesome weather like this. Slight breeze, Lake Superior calm as can be. Aerail Lift bridge going up for Ship entry into port. Enjoy!
  8. IamWedge

    USCGC Sundew Buoy tender in Duluth, Minnesota

    Heres a little flight I did on the USCGC Sundew Buoy tender in Duluth, Minnesota
  9. IamWedge

    This is Lake Superior a week ago. Lots of Ice

    Lake Superior had quite a bit of Ice coverage last week. The snow storms and the wind broke that ice up and its been in the 40's Enjoy the video. This was my first time using a filter and manual camera settings. I got to o much in to the flight to remember checking the camera. Ill figure it out...
  10. victorymike

    Our Memorial Day