1. L

    Phantom 4 pro super kit

    huge phantom 4 pro kit, comes with everything show V1 phantom 4 pro remote cleaning kit 3 battery hub charger landing pad props polar pro 3xfilter backpack original box motor caps 4 batteries only has 5hrs of flight and less then 32 flights, bought it for a family vacation then it stayed in...
  2. DroneJI

    Professional Phantom Hardware Kit, (What are the Black Foam Blocks?)

    Anyone know what these Foam Blocks are for in this Phantom Hardware kit? The seller doesn’t seem to know. I circled them in yellow.
  3. tml4191

    Phavic Conversion Kit P3 + Mavic w/ Official Link

    Phavic Conversion Kit: Turn Your Phantom 3 into a Mavic Like Drone
  4. S

    DJI Phantom 3 Pro Bundle for Sale

    I am selling my Phantom 3 Professional Bundle. I am asking $1200 (or best offer) for this entire kit. Drone flies super nice, no issues, everything fits in the backpack. I am trying to move into a different hobby so that's why I am parting with it, I love this Drone. If anyone has any...
  5. thefrisbee995

    Swap Mavic Fly-More For P4P? (South England)

    I have a Phantom 4 Pro I paid £1560 for just before xmas brand new and it is in excellent condition now. I would like to swap for a Mavic fly-more kit. I can post pics if interested but I haven't flown it much. Literally just want to swap because I am a developer and need to be able to carry a...
  6. tml4191

    Fstop Lab's 4 Watt Booster for your P3/ P4 $250== NOW $175 Free Shipping