1. jamesmorano

    Abandoned Places: Bannerman Castle

    Drone video I shot of an abandoned castle known as Bannerman Castle. Bannerman Castle is located in Fishkill, NY on a 6.5 acre island called Pollepel Island. The island sits right in the Hudson river about 500 feet off the shore. Bannerman Castle was used as a military surplus warehouse in the...
  2. eaglewoodfilms

    Kayaking the floodplains and flying P4Pro

    Once in a few years when the signs are just right and the river Daugava in Latvia can't handle spring's meltwater the floodplains of river Dviete fill up and turn into a paradise for birds and adventure seekers. Many use this rare opportunity to jump into their kayaks and paddle through forests...
  3. nsheridan19

    Hiking at The Gorge in Fall

    Checkout the beautiful foliage as we hike through The Gorge ! Any feedback is greatly appreciated
  4. Erroll


    I was doing some high speed action shots at my local canoe club this weekend. I did a sharp turn to follow a group of kayaks as they passed me, but I inadvertently also pulled down on the stick....... Look closely at the bottom of the frame after they have gone past. Close call but I think it...