1. jboyd23

    Kauai, Hawaii highlights

    Hey there guys. I just wanted to share our Kauai, Hawaii trip. The footage contains mostly P3 and Mavic 2.
  2. FlyGary

    Whales of Kauai

    Short video of humpback whales in Kauai. Taken with a Phantom 4 Pro. They were around 2000 feet offshore. I did maintain the required minimal distance per the NOAA guidelines. Shooting in 4K allowed me to zoom in for detail in post when I downsized for YouTube. The wind was tough enough to...
  3. E

    Mostly phantom 3 footage of Kauai

    Mohamed Hassan - The Garden Island | Facebook
  4. A

    Vacation in Kauai !! (READ PLEASE) !!!

    Hey everyone ! Im a semi-begginer in drones cause i had it for sometime now... Anyways Im leaving to Kauai, Hawaii on saturday going to be there for 7 days ! I got 3x PolarPro Filter pack with me & I was just wondering, Which is the best filter to use on a daily basis ? Also any Locals from...