1. Trunks97RS

    Lake Lenexa - Cool Dam

    Short and sweet. Cool dam. Let me know what you think. Thanks! Trunks
  2. Trunks97RS

    4th of July Fireworks in Kearney MO

    Don't claim to be great. Don't think it's terrible though. Let me know what you think. YouTube channel as follows: Phantom 3 Standard - Yes I notified the ATC - Yes I contacted local athorities to confirm no local rules/restrictions YouTube Channel Trunks 4th of July Kearney MO
  3. H

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey everyone I recently just picked up a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. I have got it out a few times and I love it! Here is a short video I put together if anyone would like to check it out!
  4. G

    Above the Old Roller Mill (1st video using Phantom 3S)

    It's been windy every day but one since I got my Phantom 3 Standard, but I took advantage of that one good day! I took 4 test flights, and got some usable video from the last two flights. This is from the last flight, but it's the first video I made. It's taken above the Smoky Hill River and...