1. frehr

    JPG vs RAW image sizes in pixels

    Hi all When I use Windows explorer and look at the properties on a DNGfile vs a JGPfil the DNGfile only says that it is 960x720 pixels. The JPG says 4000x3000 When I drag the DNG/RAW over in Lightroom the file is 3992x2992 px long. Does that mean that windows only shows me the size of a preview?
  2. S

    JPG vs. RAW Sharpness

    Hi all, Just got the phantom 3 standard the other day. Been flying around and playing with the image settings. I shoot with a DSLR in RAW all the time, so yes I get that RAW is best (I do my post in Adobe LR). To get to the point, I've noticed that my RAW images when shooting in RAW+jpg are...