1. W

    P4 Pro 16 MP Images instead of 20MP

    Hey guys, having problems with my photos on my phantom 4 Pro. Whats happening is that I shoot in RAW and then take my picture onto my computer. At this time my pictures are like 940 X 480 or something along those lines. Then I edit it in Lightroom and export as a .TIFF or a JPEG but my photos...
  2. jp_flkeys

    Stuck In HDR Shooting Mode

    The other day I was up taking photos in Single Shot mode, I decided to try HDR on my last photo to see how it comes out. Now I'm stuck on HDR mode and cannot change it back to Single Shot. Any suggestions or reasons why this might happen? I was shooting Raw + Jpg at the time, I was think since I...
  3. C

    JPEG's Look Square

    I have a Phantom 2 v2. It seems when I take a photograph, they look almost square. I pulled one randomly, and it's 4384x3288. Is this normal? Is there a setting that you can change that? Thanks in advance, Jack