jittery video

  1. Panamedia

    8-Bit (jittery, Wreck It Ralph) Cloud Shadows on UHD Footage

    So... as the title spells out in crystal clear detail, i have some footage that was captured earlier this year and just getting around to editing it for the client. Take a look at the link and see what I mean. Look close at the cloud shadows rolling across the field. They are jittery... like...
  2. T

    Samsung Tab A (2016) DJI Go App Issue

    I was having a heck of a time trying to find one of my devices that could view the live downlink from the my new-to-me P3P and had GPS built in. I finally realized I'd bought a Samsung Tab A for some work stuff not too long ago! Huzzah! It's listed on the approved devices list and everything...
  3. T

    Video jittery/shaky last two flights

    The video has been jittery/shaky the last two flights. I was hoping it was just on my screen, but it is also on the recorded videos. I seem to remember others mentioning something similar happening to them. Is this something permanent? Is there a simple fix? Is this a warranty item? Thanks...