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    Traveling to Jamaica

    I will be taking my Phantom 4 to Jamaica in June and won't have WiFi. I was wondering what to do about maps? And/or any other advise that all of you pros could give to help me make this a smooth vacation with the first trip with my drone.
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    Taking Phantom 4 to Jamaica

    In June I will be going to Montego Bay for Vacation. I am looking for any tips and tricks or advise. I will be flying out over water and was wondering about range, is is further than on land normally. I would like to shadow a cruise ship if anyone has done that I need ideas on setting for the...
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    Jamaican airport security would not let me carry on P3P

    I recently got back to U.S. from Jamaica and had no problems going there from the U.S. to Montego Bay but on the return trip they would not allow me to carry on my drone. I had it packed in a hard shell case with 3 batteries in their respective slots. 2 security officers stopped me at the...