1. impurenergy

    Looking for feedback

    So I took the advice from people on this forum about video making and I am very happy with my results. I am looking for some criticism and feedback in order to improve my skills. The video was shot on the P3P and I was advised to use Premiere Pro to edit and boy am I happy with that softwares...
  2. impurenergy

    Stadium footage and pics preparing for the Asian Games 2018

    Beautiful sports complex thats under renovations for the upcoming 2018 Asian Games. Any feedback on the videos and pics is greatly welcomed. Really enjoying this forum as of late. Its really helping me to up my game. Gelora Bung Karno Stadium 2018 Asian Games (With Video)
  3. impurenergy

    Drone laws Indonesia/Bali

    I am continuously getting messages about what the drone laws in Indonesia are. It is difficult (but not impossible) to get the information in English. Below is a list of rules and regulations in relation to flying your drone there. There are also links to sites that cover getting your drone...
  4. impurenergy

    Luxury Condos and Yacht riddled coast of Jakarta. Enjoy!!!

    Feedback welcome. Its my best work to date but any feedback would be welcome. Especially criticism. I am picking up a lot of tricks from watching videos from th eforum so keep posting them! Thanks in advance.
  5. Pantai Mutiara Jakarta Drone footage. - YouTube

    Pantai Mutiara Jakarta Drone footage. - YouTube

    The drone footage was filmed along the coast of Jakarta. It features lavish private boat piers that are bordered with subsistence fish farming locations. It features luxurious skyscrapers juxtaposed with simple fishing boats.
  6. 6footage

    MUST See Footage!

    Bali, Nusa Dua Gelora Bung Karno Check it Out ! And feel free to feedback :-) Terima kasih.
  7. rudolf samuel


  8. rudolf samuel

    The Gown

  9. rudolf samuel

    Night shot of Bundaran HI Jakarta

    Night shot on 1080p ISO 1600 at Bundaran HI Jakarta, Indonesia. I was trying to do the POI manually.