1. tml4191

    Bible Verses + P4P/P3P Cinematic Aerial Footage/ 4k/ vegas 14

    SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity
  2. tml4191

    p4p shot skypixel -quail hill

    SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity
  3. tml4191

    Just another skypixel HDR p4p shot

    SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity
  4. SoCalDude

    Area in Irvine to Fly

    I flew in a relatively small open space in Irvine recently. It won't be here long. I suppose it will be developed in the coming months or sometime in 2017. Check it out... My flight on Sunday...
  5. carsos00

    wild Roe Deer (Scotland) used to sound from Phantom

    1st post on this forum Had my Phantom pro for about 6 weeks now and clocked up about 50 flights, anyway over the last 10 days or so I've been flying around an old disused race course (closed 1965) not far from where I live, plenty of open space and many people wondering around but what there...