iphone 6s

  1. K

    Litchi - Home point not changing using P3S

    I click and drag the 'H' to a new location Press 'OK' on the confirm dialogue Then the home dot stays in the new location for a second before moving back to it's original location. I'm using a iPhone 6s, running the latest Litchi software on a P3 Standard. I can reset the home location using...
  2. flyboyQuad3

    DJI Go Program Display P3P

    How can I tell from the display which direction the drone is pointing if it is not in sight? Does the point of the triangle with the simulated sound waves mean the direction the camera is pointing or the direction the drone is pointing?
  3. ImJim

    P3 Firmware Can't connect iPhone to DJI Go app, and more

    Hi, It's been one year since I haven't flied my P3A, and today I decided to test it before going on vacation. I tried to connect my iPhone 6S (iOS 9.3.2) to the controller with the same Apple cable I've always used, and nothing worked. The DJI Go app didn't detect my phone. (or.. my phone...
  4. E

    Ipad 2 transmission glitch interference

    Im set up my new p4 on the Dji Go app with an ipad 2 and the video transmission looks with green lines, some delay and distortion but when I conect it with my iphone 6s the transmision looks perfect, with no lines or delay. I tried with my brothers ipad and occurs the same. What could be doing...
  5. R

    Finally an "ADJUSTABLE" Cold Shoe Mount

    Hi Guys, Just released the new DJI OSMOS Cold Shoe Mount. Let me know your thoughts!!! Here is the new release and installation video: Purchase here: DJI OSMO - Aerial Drone Accessories Thanks, Stacy
  6. M

    iOS9.... Almost A Fly Away

    Hi Folks, I recently bought a new iPhone 6S and have just taken it out to try with my P2V+. It took off fine, flew infront of me at about 150ft then all hell broke loose. It went off on its own at about a 10 o'clock direction at what looked like more that full speed. I thought it was a gonner...