1. Mr. Salty

    Burned Bridge of Madison County

    Early Saturday morning someone set fire to the covered bridge that was on the cover of "The Bridges of Madison County." It's the second time the bridge has been burned by an arsonist. This time the county may not have the money to rebuild it (there was no insurance coverage).
  2. D

    Nine Eagles State Park

    Nine Eagles State Park is located in southern Iowa near the Missouri border just a few miles east of Interstate 35.
  3. J

    Contacting Tower KDSM- anyone done this?

    I live 3.5 nm from KDSM (Des Moines International). The red zone is just the airport. The regs say call the tower or controller within 5 miles. I'm afraid to do so, wondering if they may say don't fly. Anybody actually called KDSM or other controller? Thank you!