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  1. jephoto

    iOS apps for LAANC Autorizations-2022??

    Hi all. for various reasons, I've barely flown all summer, and the few times I did I didn't need LAANC authorizations. I used to use AirMap on my iPhone or iPad with no issues. Seems that AirMap has lost their ability to do LAANC. So I went to Kittyhawk (now Aloft?) and that didn't work either...
  2. Freeskies Inc.

    Try FreeSkies CoPilot iOS Drone App for FREE!!!

    The FreeSkies CoPilot app is the easiest way to fly your drone while capturing breathtaking footage. CoPilot is the best way to capture aerial videos and photos easily and safely. Create unique, creative, and dynamic videos in a simple to use, 3D interface. You don't need to be an expert drone...