ios 10

  1. Pegasus Robin

    P3P iOS screen sharing

    Hi all Still anticipating the arrival of my P3P so in preparation, I'm looking for some info on how it's possible to do screen sharing on iOS. I've downloaded litchi vue and I've seen another app called dji screen share. Can anyone give me some guidance as to which of the 2 are better apps, if...
  2. Numone

    iOS 10 and GO 3.x

    Quick question... Whose updated to iOS 10.x and GO 3.x and has had no issues?
  3. Hilon

    iOS 10 compatibility and Go APP

    Hi.. Rased a query with DJI in respect of the Go App and the latest iOS 10 upgrade which I have not installed as yet. This was their reply. 'Dear Lewis, Thank you for contacting DJI Support. As far as I know there are no issue, (I have an IPAD 3 mini myself on IOS 10 and it works perfectly)...