1. B

    How can I download the IOC for my P3A from

    I cannot seem to find out how to download the IOC function to my P3A. When I search for answers on the forum I get responses about POI, which is not the same. I want to enable course lock mode but can't find the download. Can anybody tell me how to access this feature from
  2. Phil-RCGeeks

    Testing the TapFly feature

    Tested out the TapFly / Tap To Fly feature the other day. Flying it at a bridge and thankfully the Obstancle Avoidance kicked in and avoided hitting it! #highstakes! I did a recording of the screen as well for non-phantom owners to see how it works etc. Check it out. DJI Phantom 4 Intelligent...
  3. surfer77

    P3 Firmware Can not find IOC

    After updating firmware twice I can no longer have any intelligent flight modes available. Multiple flight modes are enabled but I have yet to find the IOC slider option in my DJI go app even after updating It. Anyone else experience this or know how to fix. Aircraft updated to 1.08 ...
  4. dougmckenzie

    It's Easter! Can I bring my Phantom 2 back to life? X9D+ & X8R?

    In all the forums I have searched (and there have been many :rolleyes:) the most useful contributions to the subject title have come from this one. Probably because I wasn't blinded by the science and those that are writing on the subject actually own a Phantom, not just worked on a NAZA flight...
  5. P

    P2 IOC Stopped Working- Help Troubleshooting Please

    IOC doesn't work on my P2 anymore, neither CL or HL work when switched on with the S2 switch. I'm hoping that there's something obvious that I'm missing or forgetting to do, and will greatly appreciate help troubleshooting this weird problem. I have all of the latest firmware and software...
  6. K

    GA: Phantom 3 advanced

  7. D

    IOC can't be turn on

    I have the latest firmware on the qopter, remote and battery. I cant turn on IOC on the app even multi flight mode is on. I can get to course lock and home lock when i switch to F but it doesnt work because i cant turn on the IOC . Anybody had same problem? How did you solve it? I tried flying...
  8. PilotHal

    Course Lock - Disappointing in the Yaw

    Upgraded to the new firmware with the IOCs. Was at my local flying field today in wind that I would call palpable but not moderate. Maybe 13kts sustained. Flying course lock in to the wind and yawing to keep my subject in view, was disappointing as the PH3 wouldn't hold the line during the...
  9. R

    Enable IOC switch greyed out

    I have a P3P and when viewing advanced settings in the Go app the Enable IOC switch is greyed out. However when I use the PAF toggle on the RC it shows that it's changes into all 3 modes at the top of the Go screen but I'm not really excited about testing it out in flight incase something is a...