1. mtsprocket

    Good morning from frosty Cochrane, Alberta

    Hello from frosty Cochrane, Alberta. I'm spoiled, I've been flying my SOs seriously nice equipment, but we're currently in two different countries, now I can fly when I am home. Live in park central where drone flying is prohibited, but lots of gorgeous spaces nearby, just have to be aware...
  2. JulietUniformSierraTango

    Hello from Punta del Este, Uruguay

    Hi everyone, I've been hovering the forums for a long time, and finally took the time to join. Thanks for all the great info and advice that has helped so much already. Looking forward to chatting with you all. I fly P3Ps with Litchi. Originally from South Africa, I now live in Uruguay.
  3. A

    Hello from BRF, Wisconsin

    Hey guys and gals im new to drones and I got the P4 and im very satisfied. Im from BRF, wisocnsin and I hope to have a good time with my drone! Thanks
  4. DroneDisaster

    Hello Pilots!

    Hello, I've been flying for about 5-6 months now with a phantom 4. Sadly enough i"ve crashed the drone a few times, however lucky me because it still flies without a problem. I'm here to share some of my videos, pictures and talk about drone issues /// hope to see some good stuff from...
  5. D

    A Drone Enthusiast

    Hello guys, i am Khalid from Drone Reviews and please welcome me here :D Is it great to be here. A big HELLO to all of you.
  6. M

    Intro with some pics!

    Hey all, first post here. New to drones but not photography/video or RC. Located in the DC area in MD and a fan of anything with a motor, a camera, or any combination of them. Still learning the ropes but here's a pic of my setup and a couple shots from a recent flight. No videos yet as I...