1. JulietUniformSierraTango

    Hello from Punta del Este, Uruguay

    Hi everyone, I've been hovering the forums for a long time, and finally took the time to join. Thanks for all the great info and advice that has helped so much already. Looking forward to chatting with you all. I fly P3Ps with Litchi. Originally from South Africa, I now live in Uruguay.
  2. A

    Hello from BRF, Wisconsin

    Hey guys and gals im new to drones and I got the P4 and im very satisfied. Im from BRF, wisocnsin and I hope to have a good time with my drone! Thanks
  3. DroneDisaster

    Hello Pilots!

    Hello, I've been flying for about 5-6 months now with a phantom 4. Sadly enough i"ve crashed the drone a few times, however lucky me because it still flies without a problem. I'm here to share some of my videos, pictures and talk about drone issues /// hope to see some good stuff from...
  4. D

    A Drone Enthusiast

    Hello guys, i am Khalid from Drone Reviews and please welcome me here :D Is it great to be here. A big HELLO to all of you.
  5. M

    Intro with some pics!

    Hey all, first post here. New to drones but not photography/video or RC. Located in the DC area in MD and a fan of anything with a motor, a camera, or any combination of them. Still learning the ropes but here's a pic of my setup and a couple shots from a recent flight. No videos yet as I...