1. M

    Litchi interpolation help!!

    I've searched many times using different ways of explaining my problem but can't find an answer. I'm pretty sure I understand how it works BUT... Every time I change the gimble angle on interpolation and create a new waypoint, or press next waypoint, or just click the next waypoint, the angle...
  2. J

    Litchi - Interpolate and POI Altitude settings

    Hi all, I've been using Litchi now for a couple of weeks, mainly for the FPV to use with my BlitzWolf VR goggles and phone. Lat night I tried a mission using POI's with the camera tracking the POI while flying past etc, which seemed to go really well. The only parts I'm not sure about is what...
  3. Emil Cost

    What does interpolate mean?

    Hi everybody. I own a Phantom 3 Advanced. I think this is my first post. I am using the Litchi app and have had success planning and executing a few simple missions. I have a couple of questions that I could probably answer with experimentation, but I'll ask here to save a little time, and...