1. B

    Drone militarization, use and threat assessment

    International analysis of military use of off the shelf drones‎.
  2. M

    Need Help... Im flying to Peru, Columbia & Dominican Republic. I dont know what I need from a legal

    Im going on a trip to South America thus flying to the following countries : Peru, Columbia and Dominican Republic. I just had a panic attack when i did a quick search for if by any chance any countries banned them and saw page loads of regulations and whatnots. Im asking here if anyone knows...
  3. D

    International Power Adapter?

    Because I bought my P4P+ in the USA I have the North American power adapter. I'm traveling to Europe for a few weeks and was wondering if I can use my current power adapter (brick and cord) while I'm in Europe? Is all I need a power converter just like I'd use with my other electronics? Does...
  4. James Taylor

    Cancun, Mexico. Risk Of Taking A P3 - Especially Customs Hijinks

    I've read posts on traveling to Mexico with a Phantom but many are dated and offered different experiences. Does anyone have any 2016 insight as to problems taking the drone? It will be used for private purposes only, on a family vacation. I'm not taking anything other than a stock P3A, 2...
  5. C

    Flying in other countries!

    Hello, first time poster here. I am traveling around Southeast Asia for the next four months and I want to bring my new P3A along. I was wondering how I can fly in other countries if I don't have an international cellular data plan for my iPhone. Can I fly with my phone on airplane mode? Can I...
  6. tjames22

    Help with Traveling to Bora Bora with Phantom 3 Avanced

    Hey guys, I'm travelling to Bora Bora at the end of October and wanted to double check to see if anyone has traveled there with their phantom before? I'd love to bring my P3A but I've also never travelled with it (neither through customs or just domestic flights) and I was hoping to get some...