1. K

    Probably need to do interior images, right?

    After a long tenure in the RC hobby business, my wife took a new position at a community college in West Virginia prompting me to leave my job (it was time anyway) and the move to our new location. But this has afforded me the opportunity to pursue a new career which I'm taking a stab in the...
  2. TonyResta

    Unable To Deploy Indoors - Compass Error

    Hello everyone! I have recently encountered a problem on my last job which has prevented me to fly my Phantom 3 Professional indoors. The error reported on screen was "Compass Error". Obviously this made sense, being inside a warehouse with probably a strong magnetic field interfering. What I...
  3. H

    Tips on flying inside commercial buildings

    Hello, I am hoping to gather some additional tips and thoughts on flying inside a commercial/ industrial building. I will be operating in an anticipated airspace of about 13' in a building with 23' ceilings. I will have prop guards on. Should I rely on "P" mode or switch to "F"? I will also...