1. D

    Photo album from InterDrone 2017

    Here are some photos taken at InterDrone 2017 from last week. Enjoy!
  2. RemotePilot101

    Are You Going To InterDrone?

    Myself and some of the Remote Pilot 101 team will be there in booth 92. We'll be giving out Remote Pilot 101 t-shirts so be sure to come over say hi and grab a shirt. See you there, Jason
  3. clackey

    The future of drones means drones combined with anything

    This is from the InterDrone keynote yesterday by Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics “Time and time [again], the transformative changes are not the technology; it is who uses the technology,” he said. “[We are] putting powerful tools in the hands of regular people; that is what we are doing with...