intelligent flight modes

  1. L

    Tapfly sensitivity

    Hi All I have just started capturing footage using the Tapfly function. Is there a way I can set the sensitivity of the drone during intelligent flight modes? When I say sensitivity, let me explain: So the drone is moving forward in tapfly mode, I realize that it is going off course a little...
  2. D

    Intelligent Flight Mode problem

    Hi, New to this thread, and this may not be the right place for this, but I'll try. I'm not a novice. I've read the manual and other resources more times than I want to admit. Can't figure this out. I just got my new P3 Professional Monday. I'm a happy camper! I've been flying the P3S for a...
  3. Henrik Olsen

    Active Track In-depth Tutorial

    Active Track is one of the coolest features from DJI This flight mode will help you record cinematic footage. I made this Tutorial showing the different options under Active Track including how to use them and get the best out of it NB! yes I know it's a Mavic in video, but it should cover...
  4. J

    PHANTOM 4 PRO - Intelligent Flight Modes EXPLAINED

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  5. Rom3oDelta7

    Go 4 app strangeness selecting intelligent flight modes

    I was testing the intelligent flight modes today with the GO 4 app. I was having trouble getting the modes to start. From the menu, I'd select Tripod Mode for instance. The splash screen for tripod mode would come up, and I would hit "OK" without selecting the "don't show this again" box. But...