inspire 1 sunshade

  1. Duncan Campney

    Sun shade recommendation for iPad air (9.7" tablet"

    I'm looking for a moderately priced sun shade to use with my Phantom 3 and iPad air. The air is Apple's standard size, 9.7". I assume that there are sun shades that will work for a variety of tablets of this size. Since the Phantom 3 and the Inspire 1 use the same remote sun shades should be...
  2. R

    CYBER MONDAY Super Sale - UltraShade2 Sunshade

    Today only and only 7 available, we have a sale on our UltraShade2. The Ultrashade2 collapses for storage and yet it is rigid and not flimsy like so many of the other sunshades available. It assembles in seconds and securely fits in the transmitter holder of the Inspire 1, 3DR Sole and Phantom...