1. tml4191

    Here's a infographic of the Phantom 4

    Dronefly created this infographic for the Phantom 4.
  2. B

    Atrium (internal) flight hight restriction

    Hi, I was flying inside a large atrium (15m x 20 m x 40 m high) of a building we are working on (images attached). I had the P4 in "atti" mode and took off. Before take off It said that I had no satalite reception which was expected. It would only let me fly 8m high and would hover. It gave...
  3. B

    Questions About Flying a P4 Indoors

    I have never flown my P4 indoors. I have been scanning the internet for comments by experienced flyers to see what they have learned. It seems that there is no definitive answer as to what to do. P or Atti mode seems to be the biggy. I would assume that the ability (or rather inability) to lock...
  4. E

    OK to fly over people when flying inside buildings?

    After studying for the sUAS operators (part 107) test I understand we cannot fly legally over people without a waiver. That is fine for me as I can get the shots I need for work without flying over people anyway. But I've been seeing footage in ads and online where a drone is flying over...