1. Kristina Fowler

    Can a P4P ignite combustible gases?

    I guess the best example of where I'm headed with this is the age-old warning about cell phones and pumping gas at the gas pump. In an environment where combustible gases are present, is it possible for the electrical components of a P4P (motors, controllers, batteries, etc) to ignite those...
  2. rickray

    Mississippi River and Industrial Flight

    Here's a little Phantom 3 Pro flying along industrial areas of the Mississippi River and New Orleans. There is something haunting and beautiful about abandoned and industrial places. Thanks to Flickstakr for the tip on flying the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans...spooky place!
  3. H

    Tips on flying inside commercial buildings

    Hello, I am hoping to gather some additional tips and thoughts on flying inside a commercial/ industrial building. I will be operating in an anticipated airspace of about 13' in a building with 23' ceilings. I will have prop guards on. Should I rely on "P" mode or switch to "F"? I will also...