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  2. BaliDroneproduction

    Hello from indonesia

    Hello Guys, My name is Arnaud, basically I am a french IT engineer but 5 years ago I decided to make my own drone service company. So I moved to Indonesia and made my first company BaliDroneProduction specialized in Aerial Videography and photography service. I started with a simple phantom 3...
  3. Axidrain

    Beautiful Indonesia - Lombok and Gili Trawangan

    Spent a few days on vacation in Lombok Indonesia and managed to get some clips for this video. Definitely worth another visit.
  4. impurenergy

    Looking for feedback

    So I took the advice from people on this forum about video making and I am very happy with my results. I am looking for some criticism and feedback in order to improve my skills. The video was shot on the P3P and I was advised to use Premiere Pro to edit and boy am I happy with that softwares...
  5. wwwjogjaskycom

    New DJIGo manual released in Bahasa Indonesia yesterday ( Panduan Manual DJI GO Bahasa Indonesia )

    A new manual available in bahasa Indonesia or malay was released yesterday ( Panduan Manual DJI GO Bahasa Indonesia ) in web version and PDF format Panduan Penggunaan Manual DJI GO Bahasa Indonesia for the PDF version dji go.pdf
  6. impurenergy

    Drone laws Indonesia/Bali

    I am continuously getting messages about what the drone laws in Indonesia are. It is difficult (but not impossible) to get the information in English. Below is a list of rules and regulations in relation to flying your drone there. There are also links to sites that cover getting your drone...
  7. Pantai Mutiara Jakarta Drone footage. - YouTube

    Pantai Mutiara Jakarta Drone footage. - YouTube

    The drone footage was filmed along the coast of Jakarta. It features lavish private boat piers that are bordered with subsistence fish farming locations. It features luxurious skyscrapers juxtaposed with simple fishing boats.
  8. bungrudi

    Highland in Central Java, Indonesia

    Enjoy the greens :)
  9. Axidrain

    Flying over volcanoes

    Hope you guys and gals enjoy this as much as we enjoyed filming at these beautiful spots. Mount bromo and Ijen of indonesia.
  10. Z

    Indonesia(Bali) drone laws

    I fly out to bali next week and would love to take my drone. i have no problems with the airport side of things but more so the local laws over there. I've read on some sources that you need to apply for a licence and all this other stuff if your drone has a camera. but without a camera as long...
  11. Cakrawalens

    Brown Canyon - Semarang, Indonesia

    A video about a man made canyon near my house, please enjoy! oh this video is my first video so any critic or suggestion is appreciated :D taken with P3A
  12. rudolf samuel


  13. rudolf samuel

    The Gown

  14. rudolf samuel

    Seraya Island - Perfect Getaway

  15. youmdingding

    YoumiTrip - Volcanic Indonesia from above

    Indonesia is a beautiful country with a lot of active volcanos, and from up there it looks absolutely fantastic! I had the chance to go through this coutry during my journey and this video is a compilation of the aerial footage I took with my phantom 1. As usual, I hope you enjoy it! :-)
  16. rudolf samuel

    Night shot of Bundaran HI Jakarta

    Night shot on 1080p ISO 1600 at Bundaran HI Jakarta, Indonesia. I was trying to do the POI manually.
  17. rudolf samuel

    Sailing Komodo Island

    Here is my latest video, hope you all like it. Inputs and critics are welcome. Cheers!