1. AngAvestruz

    Droning Indianapolis, Indiana!

    I traveled to Indy with the Droning America crew to meet up with sports host Larra Overton and local drone pilots Aerial Imaging Resources! We checked out everything the Circle City has to offer from an aerial perspective. Really loved the sports culture in Indy and of course the International...
  2. EthanS

    Carmel/Westfield Flyers

    If anyone would like to fly/meetup (weather permitting) Please let me know or send me a message. Some what new to the drone scene and would love to talk and share experiences. -Ethan P3
  3. B

    Hello from Indianapolis

    Hello everyone. I am somewhat a noobie. I live in Southport area.I started out on a Symax5, then I purchased a a Symax8w this summer from Craig's List and still wanted more so here I am. Friday I purchased my Phantom 3 Professional with an extra battery. Ordered a Pelican iM2600 that should be...
  4. D

    Indianapolis Drone Repair

    Hi, My name is Daniel Smirnov with Smirnov's Computer Repair located in Carmel. I'm an Informatics Major, have consistently been on the Dean's list, and am TestOut PC Pro Certified. We've been repairing and building all types of tech for years. Be it drones, printers, TV's, computers, you...
  5. H

    Indianapolis, Indiana - Phantom 3 experts???? Need Training

    I am looking to meet-up with anyone who is an expert with their Phantom 3. I am purchasing a Phantom 3 Advance it would be nice to have a hands on training with someone/people. Only so much you can get from Youtube videos.