1. T

    My 4k Footage looks blurry to me does anyone else agree?

    So this was filmed on my P4P in 4k, cant remember the fps but its high. Edited on iMovie. Exported as 4K, on pro res, and the footage was taken straight from the SD. just looks a little blurry to me and I dont get why, other footage ive seen from other p4ps looks crisper any ideas why? sample here
  2. T

    Drone splits recorded video into 5 minute clips but there is always 1 second missing

    Drone splits recorded video into 5 minute clips but there is always 1 second missing when I download the video. So I press record, take off, record say a 15 min 4K video, download the clip into my iPhone, but it’s saved on the micro SD in 5:30 min clips. When I arrange them in order on iMovie...
  3. Energy Guy

    Titlow Beach, home of the world's largest Octopi!

    There's more to flying than recording beautiful pastures and cityscapes.
  4. pepperonipizza

    My first P4 movie

    Hey drone family! I recently went on a trip down to Chile and made my first movie on my P4. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve my game. I would appreciate the feedback!
  5. K

    Please help tweak my finished video (Slight Judder) via iMovie

    Hi there - I was wondering is someone can take a quick look at my video and watch for slight judder and help me figure out what is causing it. I'm filming in 1080P, with no filters, and the frame rate / ETC set at factory settings. Using a 2016 iMac OS Sierra. If you notice some parts of the...
  6. R

    Can't get iMovie to recognize 2.7k mp4

    Hi There, I am a complete newbie to the Phantom. I shot some of my first flights and uploaded them directly to youtube where they correctly were recognized as 1440p. However if I import them into iMovie 10.1.2, it is very unwavering in its belief that they are 1080p and nothing more. Is there...
  7. Garrie

    Fukuoka, Japan: Aerial Showcase

    Aerial video of the Japanese city of Fukuoka. Filmed on Phantom 3 Professional in a day. 1080p @ 60fps DJI ND16 Filter ISO 100 Edited on iMovie on iPhone 6 Plus
  8. O

    P3P 4K video on iPhone 6s

    In iOS 8, I was able to download the 4K movies from P3P (kind of convoluted, but worked). On iOS 9, they blocked this hack, it does not allow 4K editing or movie downloading except on iPhone 6s and iPad air2/pro. I have an iPhone 6s, but I'm unable to import the 4K videos to edit on board with...