image quality

  1. John Gowland

    Thai farmland P4P or MP2 Pro?

    I don't know if any one could tell the difference between a pic taken by either of these cameras? I think not. But as an amateur to be able to take the quality of image such as this is awesome. P4P V2.0
  2. P

    P3A blurry / our of focus center image

    Hi Guys, I'm Peter from Macedonia, a recent P3A owner that bought the drone from Germany. I'm a professional studio / outdoors photographer for over 15 years, so I've done a lot of pixel peeping throughout the years and I know when something is not right. I've read a couple of threads about...
  3. Zhihong Zhang

    P3A vs P3S Image Quality

    Does anyone have photos from both P3S and P3A? I wonder if difference in image quality is noticeable. I am a happy owner of P3S and need to get another bird. I don't care about 4K and the range is just fine for me. I am just debating if I should get a P3A for better image quality.
  4. T

    Low Quality Stills but Perfect 4k?

    I have had my P3P for a few months now and I am still bothered by the image quality. I find the stills to be unusable pretty much. I find myself having to grab stills from the 4k footage is that normal? Is my unit bad? The top image is RAW with no color correction and the bottom is with a bit of...