1. Off to Work

    Off to Work

    Airspeed3D (Facebook) is at work filming a large piece of land.
  2. M

    Hello everyone from Houston

    I'm a newbie and just purchased a P4pro with intent to use it to assay deer and spot hog herds on my country property in South Texas. I'd like to hear from anyone who has successfully used a P3 or P4 to do this kind of thing. I ordered everything, including a set of Fat Shark Dominator goggles...
  3. ksavoie

    Phantom 3 & GoPro Alligator Hunting Video.

    Louisiana issues alligator tags based on the type of marsh and the amount of marsh land owned (approx 150 acres per tag). This conservative method has thrived in Louisiana and has been adopted by other states. If done right, Alligators are a renewable resource that is respected and keeps...