hubsan parachute used on dji drone

  1. pete76uk

    Parachute Failure from Cell Tower?

    I'm wondering if the parachute system I installed self deployed because of cell towers . The parachute is only supposed to deploy when the phantom flips to 80 degrees but I watched it open as I was hovering, panicking I tried to slowly lower it but that seemed to make the parachute shoot up and...
  2. P

    Phantom 3 - Easy Addition Of Parachute.

    Fitting A Parachute Recovery..System To - My Phantom 3 A I have recently been looking all over for A Parachute for My Phantom 3 A. Living in the UK is virtually impossible.. I came across an Advert For - HUBSAN - For Their X4.. Similar Looking Drone, and Size etc of Phantom.. So I Took A...