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    Why use dangerous Litchi app?!?

    I know, everyone is going to hate me for this, but I have a simple question. Why put the controls of your expensive investment in the hands of a third-party app called litchi with so many horror stories? DJI GO has its problems, but litchi seems to cause many fatal crashes. Everyone I know who...
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    Where are my TFRs if there are any?

    Hi everyone! Quick question, where is the best and easiest place to check for tfrs every time before I fly? I want to always know if there is one before ever taking off. I currently use Airmap, but I don't know if it gives up to date tfrs. I'm hoping for an app to check tfrs, rather than a...
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    How to Connect stuck

    Got a P4 last week and was working fine on my iPad and iPhone, however on my iPad an app was hanging on install so I factory reset my iPad.... Now the iPad won't connect to the P4 The RC connects to the Drone straight away, soon as I plug my phone in I can click to see the camera, however with...