how to get best video quality in flight

  1. Man And Drone

    Tutorials - How to Colour Grade Your Drone Footage like a Pro

    Hey Guys and Gals respectively ;) I have some video tutorials for you. I know settings for the P3 and Inspire X3 have been covered quite a bit already.. but none really with more detailed rationalle for ND filters.. well none I can find anyway. Also my latest tutorial covers how to colour...
  2. D

    How do I set P3 Pro to 60 fps?

    I just bought my phantom 3 professional over the holidays and have flown it about 25 times but I have noticed that it keeps pixelating when I try to video the flight. I read somewhere that it's better to put it on the 1080 P setting so that I can get 60 frames per second instead of the 4K at 30...