hovering problem

  1. Mike2015

    Altitude Issues

    I recently had my Remote Control repairs and new joysticks fitted I have linked it to my P3A. I took it out for its first test flight and noticed the following problems. When I fly my Phantom 3 Advance the altitude starts off correctly at 0. Lift off to 20', all good. As I increase my...
  2. K

    Advance IMU calibration P4P

    Hey! I got my new P4p and i tried to made a IMU calibration via Assistant 2 but the process doest goes further than 90% , and stay there forever. I tried installing assistant again, restarting my mac, restarting P4p , starting first Assistant , conecting the RC, refreshing the P4p FW and...
  3. C

    Standard stabilization

    I recently purchased a dji phantom 3 standard and I am having problems with it hovering with beginner mode turned off. With beginner mmode enabled, the drone adjusts to the wind and hovers in the same place however without the beginner mode, the wind takes it wherever it wants. The problem is...