1. archetipo

    Running on the Fields of Paradise

    Phantom 4 Pro. Sardinia (Italy). Facebook Page - Instagram Page - Youtube Channel
  2. FlyGary

    Wild Horses in Salt River Arizona

    This started out as Litchi pano mission for sunset and turned into something totally different. A team of wild horses out for an evening splash on the Salt River NE of Phoenix. Altitude was around 50 and they were oblivious to the P4. I wish I could say I had planned this but I didn't know I...
  3. S

    Horse riding, P3S+ action cam

    Exercising to combine footage from P3S, Sony action cam and Nikon V1 camera with tele lens. Place is in Finland.
  4. Spring Island Equestriennes - YouTube

    Spring Island Equestriennes - YouTube

    On December 11, 2015 our Spring Island Equestrian Manager and her daughter did a pas de deux performing the USEF Third Level Test 3. Dressage arena shot with P2V+ drone.