horizon tilt

  1. Skidog

    Hi from Michigan!

    Hi I'm new here as of last night and have only 3 flights under my belt with my new P3S. I love it! Question.. I've noticed in my video footage that the horizon at times is tilting a little down to the right. Is this something normal that I should correct in post? Thanks everybody!
  2. C

    Horizon Tilt

    Just wanted to post my appreciation for these boards, as they helped me solve a really disappointing problem. I put up with horizon tilt for a full year before finding the answer here! On the P3P, holding down the C2 button and rolling the right-hand roller wheel allows you to adjust the...
  3. tml4191

    Mid Flight Horizon Tilt Adjustment ... How to

    Apparently there is a shortcut for the gimbal roll adjustment. This is useful during mid flight. 1. Hold down C2(right side button on the back of the R/C) 2. Adjust the wheel left or right to adjust gimbal (right side) This information was derived from another member on DJi's forum. You can...
  4. A

    Gimbal roll and Horizon level

    I try to calibrate the Gimbal to avoid any roll but I still see my horizon tilted sometimes. Does my AC have to be on a perfectly level ground (like a board with a bubble level)? I usually let the AC be on the ground in the park when I calibrate. Do I also need to calibrate the IMU before every...
  5. Sim597

    Should I exchange my P4 for another?

    So look, I am running out of my 45 return exchange policy, and I THINK my bird is 100% it has about 35 miles under its belt and about 10 hrs (I'd have to look for exact because of the P3P I exchanged once already for this is incl. in total) but anyway, you guys get what I am saying, risk the...
  6. D

    The gimbal roll issue: my video

    The gimbal roll issue: my video
  7. E

    Gimbal tilt problem

    Hi everyone, I'm in need of some help. I recently had to send my phantom 3 professional into drone nerds for repair after a minor crash. The fella at the shop said nothing was actually wrong with the unit, he just had to reset the case because of some separation in the body seams. Anyway...