1. L

    Tuff-Luv 3 in 1 Blackout Periscope Hood for Drone Remote Controller Apple iPad Air 1/2 9.7 Inch

    Hey guys, I have a brand new periscope hood for sale. Asking $50.00 CAD by Paypal + whatever shipping costs. I originally ordered the 9.7" by accident and by the time it arrived, with shipping, tariffs, and DHL shipping deliver costs I originally paid $86.78 CAD . I'm looking to basically just...
  2. wildturkeyway

    P4P+ screen hood needed

    I took my first training flight today after receiving my P4P+ and getting it all set up. Sadly, the "bright" screen just isn't going to get me past my poor eyes with its small size. One reason I chose the + was all the chatter about the bright screen. I'll be doing some desert sand and bright...
  3. ScrooemPhantom

    Off to a New Start P4P from the AMA EXPO

    just landed home from the AMA EXPO in Ontario CA at the convention center. over 200 vendors in the main exhibit hall with break out secession's, tables for kids and modelers, Tons of planes, helicopters and then a few drone vendors. Met up with Sammy's Camera booth and picked up the DJI P4P hard...