1. L

    Tuff-Luv 3 in 1 Blackout Periscope Hood for Drone Remote Controller Apple iPad Air 1/2 9.7 Inch

    Hey guys, I have a brand new periscope hood for sale. Asking $50.00 CAD by Paypal + whatever shipping costs. I originally ordered the 9.7" by accident and by the time it arrived, with shipping, tariffs, and DHL shipping deliver costs I originally paid $86.78 CAD . I'm looking to basically just...
  2. R

    what size hex key to remove P4P body hood?

    DJI sent me new P4P+ camera-gimbal-hood to replace my defective camera & return; What size Allen wrench (hex key) needed to remove (8) hood screws? My smallest not small enough. (am not uber mechanical) Where can I get cheapie (if I can't find loaner) to do this as I'll never need it again...
  3. K

    Hoodivision PadHat mod for strong winds

    I bought the PadHat recently for my vacation, but it showed up late and with a defective magnet. I didn't have time to exchange it for a non-defective so I took the issue into my own hands and fixed it. It survived 20+ knots winds on the boat and I'm pretty happy with the result. Hoodivision...
  4. A

    Looking for hood for Nvidia Shield k1

    Hi this is my first post. Can anybody tell me where i could find a hood for a Nvidia Shield k1 tablet. Thanks
  5. wildturkeyway

    P4P+ screen hood needed

    I took my first training flight today after receiving my P4P+ and getting it all set up. Sadly, the "bright" screen just isn't going to get me past my poor eyes with its small size. One reason I chose the + was all the chatter about the bright screen. I'll be doing some desert sand and bright...
  6. Skyler King III

    iPad Mini "hood / sunshade" falls off with the iPad Mini (P4)

    I have a hood / sunscreen for my iPad mini (I have a Phantom 4). Several times now it's fallen off with the iPad Mini. Yes, I make sure it (seems) tightly clamped down, but usually when I tis the controller to keep antenna pointed and lined up properly, the iPad et al falls out. I am looking...
  7. 28wins

    Sunny and bright conditions

    I am attaching a picture taken as a screenshot from a DJI Global video (on their Instagram). The drone pilot uses what looks like a great solution to fly when it's very bright and sunny out. Does anyone use this and/ or know where to get one? I use an iPad Mini and I can't see anything when I...