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    Guyton, Georgia A Look At Land

    Hi all, I need a good look at some land I just bought, site unseen! We live out west currently, but we've been looking for land for almost a year in the Effingham County area. We finally found a piece, put in and got our offer accepted. Now the real problem: we have differing reports from our...
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    Hiring a P4 Pro - Their App or Yours?

    Hi all, Have been using my Mavic for around 9 months, and have a job where production company are hiring P4 Pro. Simple question: Do I use hire company App Details - or Mine? Many thanks, Luke
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    NYC looking for a pilot for some Arial photography central park!

    Hi There, TYPO in the title! NYC looking for a pilot for some aerial photography central park! New to the phantom community so if some of the below may seem a bit naive i apologize in advance! From what i have read it is possible to fly a drone in NY as long as it is from a park, please...
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    Wanted:Phantom 4 operator with drone needed Edgewater NJ

    Hi I am shooting a short documentary in Edgewater NJ and need a pilot with more experience than I have to shoot footage of a boat on the NJ side of the Hudson. Need 4k footage - the film was shot on a RED Epic and need some matching footage. You don't have to be a pro - Im not making any...