1. Backwoods Beast

    Hello to You!!

    So, I am new here so I thought I would post a video right away. I am loving the new drone community that I am rapidly learning and becoming a part of. I have to say drone piloting is one of the most fun and fulfilling things ive ever done with my life and it gives whole new perspectives on my...
  2. Zen Ho

    Prairie in the sky

    DJI Phantom 4 Advanced - Kai Kung Leng Prairie in the sky, one of the highest mountain in northern Hong Kong, barely find a tree on the mountain, giving the hiker 360 degree wide view of northern territory.
  3. Hammer

    glacier lakes in the back country

    I hiked my P4 17km up a mountain to take some video of Watersprite lake. hope you enjoy. feedback is welcome. also the hiking footage is obviosly not from my drone
  4. M

    Views from the valley (New York)

    Hope you enjoy this short video I made after a hike! Also check out the channel if you want. Greatly appreciated! Mike Panio
  5. SoCalDude

    Heart Rock Falls

    I did a short 1.6 km hike to Heart Rock Falls recently (near Crestline, CA). From the trailhead (Seeley Creek Trail), the hike is about 1 km and descends 60 meters from the trailhead. The heart-shaped pool was carved by a waterfall. When the creek is flowing, this is a small 6-meter waterfall...
  6. nsheridan19

    Hiking at The Gorge in Fall

    Checkout the beautiful foliage as we hike through The Gorge ! Any feedback is greatly appreciated
  7. Hammer

    Phantom 4 Hiking Seymour Peak

    Hey Guys. Here a short video that included some shots from my Phantom 4 from our hike on the weekend with the dogs. Let me know what you thinks. PLease comment and Subscribe to my youtube channel.