1. DroneTurismo

    Centralia PA, the abandoned town

    So looking to make this an entertaining year, my first video is using last years suggestions from you all to improve my video quality. This is from my trip yesterday to a town abandoned due to a raging underground fire. Including a scene from Graffiti Highway, a street which opened up creating...
  2. J

    California by Drone in 4K

    Some of my favorite shots captured over the past six months. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed, and if you're new to the channel hit the subscribe button to never miss any upcoming videos!
  3. N

    Sharp Blades Ahead ⚔

  4. Sharp Blades Ahead ⚔

    Sharp Blades Ahead ⚔

    Dogwood Challenge - Week 18 Artistic: Texture Sharp Blades Ahead ⚔ The artistic inspiration this week is texture. You should almost be able to feel the image. Camera - DJI Phantom 4