1. Green Phantom

    Beautiful Norwegian Fjords Mountains

    loved this place, wish i had more footage. Short video but gives you a glimps of the dramatic landscape there. Thanks for watching Andy
  2. Green Phantom

    Cinematic views from up high, beautiful sky and scenery

    Hi everyone, wanted to share with you all my latest video. Not made one in a while so wanted to make something really nice. Comments welcome as always. loved how it turned out, done a few new things in this video i have never done before. This is all thanks to watching other videos and advise...
  3. M

    Droning in the Alps! - 1800m high :D.

    Here is my new video i recorded quite a while ago but only just now got around to editing it together. The recording takes place in Leogang - Austria and i even go up to altitudes above 1800m high. I enjoyed making it, i hope you enjoy viewing it. If you did enjoy please go check out my...
  4. thefrisbee995

    Frosty England!

    So it's been frosty recently here in south England (not snowy unlike up north), not raining all the time and been about -5/6c. I thought I would try and get some video of the frost and make something nice with it using my P4P. Didn't really go to plan but I still think I made a nice short video...
  5. N

    "Sunset" and end of the day practice flight w/ DJI Phantom 3 Standar

    After more than a week with non-stop rain, I was finally able to get out and fly the drone again. This was shot during a quick practice flight at the end of the day. This is also the flight I went farther away and higher with the drone. I noticed that the average view time of youtube videos is...
  6. C

    Battery temperature going above 50°C/122°F while discharging

    Hello, I am using the slow discharge method provided in the manual (page 21) for my Intelligent Flight Battery that I use for my Phantom 3 Advanced as mentioned below. How to discharge your Intelligent Flight Battery: Slow: Place the Intelligent Flight Battery into the Phantom 3 Advanced’s...