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  1. W

    120fps Poor Video Quality

    Hi, I'm new to flying the Phantom, but I've been a cinematographer for quite a while. I'm loving my new P4P+, but I've noticed the video quality while shooting 1080/120p is disappointing. I thought I may have been doing something wrong, so I've shot numerous tests. There is no problem importing...
  2. Phantom 3 Standard at Juno Beach = 56MPH!!! - YouTube

    Phantom 3 Standard at Juno Beach = 56MPH!!! - YouTube

    Sorry this is only the Screen Record for now... I missed the Kite Surfers so I Slugged up the beach and ZIPPED back a couple of times :) 15 to 25 mph NNE Wind so going North the P3 barely made it to 30mph ...
  3. Skyer

    Short films - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hi everyone! Here are the first short videos I've put together with footage from my P3A: High speed... Backyard fun... Landmark... Over water... Landscape... Comments, likes, and new subscribers are always appreciated! Skyer
  4. Erroll


    I was doing some high speed action shots at my local canoe club this weekend. I did a sharp turn to follow a group of kayaks as they passed me, but I inadvertently also pulled down on the stick....... Look closely at the bottom of the frame after they have gone past. Close call but I think it...