high altitude

  1. furthertofly

    High Altitude Operations

    Operated from a T/O density altitude of 2990 meters / 9800 ft. First time ever this high, no problems at all. Maneuvering very stable, even though it was windy. N. Shoulder, Mt. Timpanogos, Utah by furthertofly posted Jun 15, 2017 at 8:58 PM
  2. M

    Droning in the Alps! - 1800m high :D.

    Here is my new video i recorded quite a while ago but only just now got around to editing it together. The recording takes place in Leogang - Austria and i even go up to altitudes above 1800m high. I enjoyed making it, i hope you enjoy viewing it. If you did enjoy please go check out my...
  3. J


    Check it out!