1. PhantomAirtime

    Any Phantom Pilots in Victor NY?

    I was given a souped-up Phantom, not sure what model but one of the earlier ones. It was upgraded with Light Bridge and stronger motors. Supposedly there is nothing wrong with it, just not flown in a while. Battery test good but when try to start up lights blink red saying battery bad. I fly...
  2. B

    First film, from Norway:)

    Hey, feedback is appriciated for my fiorst film! Filmed with a P2 and a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition
  3. Tarzan!

    American Fork Canyon, UT

    This was the second day of my flying my P4 (or any drone for that matter), so we didn't get as much footage as I hoped. We were able to throw in some great shots though mixed with our GoPro footage. On my way home I played with the active track mode when I was riding in Moab, so hopefully once I...
  4. W

    Second flight with fpv

    I'd like to thank you all for your supportive feedback. I've now taken my drone out again for a second flight, this time using an ND filter on my GoPro. Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated. Two questions I have are: How to improve the quality of the GoPro footage? Even when using the...
  5. W

    First Flight with FPV

    Hi, Recently bought a phantom 2 and added an fpv system to it. I've been waiting to get decent weather to fly it and finally managed to take it out. I've colour graded it and edited a minute clip out of the total footage. It was very windy so the drone pops into the bottom left of the video a...