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    Phantom 2 + Hero4 + FPV = possible?

    Dear Pilots, I am new to this forum and I hope that my concern is well accepted here :) Yesterday I flew my Phantom II with the 3D/H4 gimbal - all quite well after the first tries. Today I read about the problems, if you use the GoPro Capture App as your FPV-Monitor. I am Edit: Using the Go...
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    Gopro Hero 4 black plus xtra 5.4mm lens / 2 SRP ND filters / LCD back

    A used but working perfectly gopro 4 black with the original lens and the 5.4mm lens that removes all fish eye! The SRP ND filters are the best. Plus the LCD is attachable on the back and included are various mounts. I am in London and can ship in the UK. £299