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    Phantom three Professional parts

    Yesterday I crashed my phantom 3 professional. In doing so it ripped the camera off of the drone. It appears the camera is OK but I need the gimbal and all of its parts including the ribbon. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance.
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    Gimbal camera problem – no image in camera view after a crash

    Hi. I don't pilot my Phantom 3 very often, and just recently I managed to crash it. Right with it's camera. I had the main axis-metal-thing broken and a flex wire ripped in half. So I replaced the two. The gimbal rotation works just fine, like it used to before the crash. But there is no image...
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    P4 Firmware P4 Useless after firmware upgrade

    Today I was prompted to upgrade the firmware on my P4. After the upgrade the controller light, far left, was flashing red and green, there was no photo image on my device (iPad) and the controller was not talking to the P4. The status messages (top left on the screen) were changing from one...
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    Helping Learning to Use a Drone in Maryland

    I am an aspiring drone owner and pilot in Baltimore, MD. Before I shell out $500 on my soon-to-be new hobby, I'd like to tag along with some people who know what they are doing. Is there anyone on this discussion board in my area interested in showing off to an aspiring newby? I don't need...
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    P3P disconnected - weird problem. Pls help?

    Hello, A weird situation: I use P3P for several months, all working perfect. and suddenly when i started it 3 days ago - screen is grey and message "Disconnected" shows on top. i re-paired remote and drone, updated app, checked all settings and cable. Everything seems ok. i had no crash, no...