1. Procharged97

    Cheap China Panels (Liehuo) vs. any Antenna!

    Ok, So to start this off this is for all Phantom 3 platforms (since I have a standard) but I know most of you that will use these or others have the adv/pro. I have one rule though...NO BAD MOUTHING COMPANIES OR ANTENNA BRAND/MAKERS ...please. As many of you know there has been talk that these...
  2. Cerone

    FS: Phantom 1, Clean FPV Setup for GoPro, Hardcase, Extras ($250-400)

    Just upgraded to a P3 so I'm selling my P1. Perfect condition, not a single crash or issue in 6 months. Flown less than 50 times. Items available in groups or as a package. Group 1 ($250) Phantom 1.1.1 Extra Props (3 sets total) 3 batteries (~15 cycles each) GoPro Mount with anti-vibration...