1. J

    Phantom 3 Headlight Options

    Anyone having any good ideas as far as attaching a headlight to a P3P? I guessing something light and bright. A tactical flashlight would be great, but the ones I am see look to heavy. I saw this and I was think of ways to mount it or if it would be bright enough. OxyLED OxySense T-02U USB...
  2. S

    anybody try mydronelight.com headlights??

    I ordered these headlight for my phantom 4 and installed last night. They have a small flat wireless controllerto turn them on and pick mode from up to 75ft away, after I turned on my phantom the headlight controller will not work even from one inch away. the headlight controller only works with...
  3. Rambo1

    Low cost light weight headlight! Buy locally!

    Ive been looking for a small low cost light to put on my P34K as a headlight so I can easily see that I am pointing back in my direction when flying at night. Granted I can use my DJI GO app but I want line of sight at night. While shopping at WalMart yesterday I came across a real nice 2 pack...