hdmi module installation problem

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    P3P HDMI Module Issues

    Hello, I've just recently installed the HDMI module on my Phantom 3 Pro controller and are having some issues with my live feed. After installing the upgrade, I then connected my 10" lumenier field monitor to my controller via HDMI cable. I plan to use this monitor as a second viewing device...
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    Professional Go App Disconnected with HDMI module

    Have just installed the HDMI module on my P3 Pro - the Go App (iPad) shows as being Disconnected from controller. Controller also doesn't connect to camera functions via two buttons. However, replacing just the original plastic cover (USB only) restores full connection to P3 Controller/RPA and...
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    hdmi module ribbon cable damage

    While installing the upgrade hdmi module upgrade on P3 Pro controller, the ribbon cable tore and is now not functional. Does this have a similar connector at both ends? Has anyone requested a replacement from DJI? Does anyone have such a cable from that would be willing to sell? Thanks!!!